[Heavywater] presents Avalon Keep, a new personal space in PlayStation Home.

Heavywater is quietly constructed a massive medieval city of castle, knights, courtyard, tranquil pool etc in Playstation Home. The internal design with dining coordinated furniture, ornate throne room for the king and queen and theme which you can choose your alliance from 5 houses. 

Heavy Water is bringing a new experience to the realm of private apartments with the expansive Avalon Keep Personal Apartment. Become the Lord or Lady of your own private Keep to entertain your closest confidants. Avalon Keep has expansive grounds and enormous rooms decorated with a classic European style. The Keep has a gift machine for you and your guests, as well as a scavenger hunt to explore the island and earn more rewards!

Take flight around your castle and take in the enormity and beauty of the space with your Dragonfly Automaton. No Private Keep would be complete without guards to keep it safe! Get to know all your guards, who will gladly converse with their Lord, Lady, or guests. You can choose from five different themes for your banners, guards, flags, windows and carpeting to suit your tastes. Owners automatically receive Avalonian furniture to match the default theme, but the Heavy Water store will also carry themed furniture pieces to fit the different house themes. Grab your favorite and get decorating!

This week, the Exclusive Gold Suits of Armor for male and female get a preview week in x7! Get your suits early and get ready for Avalon to come Home. After their preview debut in x7 these magnificent suits of armor will be for sale in the Sony Exclusives store [NA]. EU, you will be getting all that NA is, but just in different store locations, so fret not!

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